the castle by franz kafka

Best quotes from “The Castle” by Franz Kafka

“Those who choose to despise us find themselves in the best company.”

“anything that man could approve must be worthless.”

“He is a land surveyor, well, perhaps that is something, he has trained at something, but if there’s nothing you can do with that training then it means nothing.”

“Official decisions are as elusive as young girls.”

“One must fight to get to the top, especially if one starts at the bottom.”

“Illusions are more common than changes in fortune”

“Deceptions are more frequent than changes”

“Other opportunities arise from time to time that almost don’t accord with the overall situation, opportunities whereby a word, a glance, a sigh of trust may achieve more than a lifetime of exhausting endeavour.”

“Of course I’m ignorant, that remains true at all events and is extremely distressing for me, but it does have the advantage that the ignorant man dares more, so I shall gladly put up with ignorance and its undoubtedly dire consequences for a while, as long as my strength lasts.”

“There’s no quiet place here on earth for our love, not in the village and not anywhere else, so I picture a grave, deep and narrow, in which we embrace as if clamped together, I bury my face against you, you yours against me, and no one will ever see us.”

“those who are ignorant naturally consider everything possible.”

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