About us

Bookway.in is a site for readers, inspired by Sushant Singh Rajput. A Book can change your life, It can transform your life Completely. At Bookway We share Books, Quotes, Book Reviews And Notes from the books that can help or enhance your Life.

Bookway started as an Instagram Page (In 2018) as a “Quotes from books” Page. Inspired by Sushant as he used to post ‘Self musings’ on his social media handles.

Sushant ‘IS’ an Actor, Dancer, Philanthropist, Reader, Writer, Entrepreneur,Science enthusiast.
A gold medalist in physics olympiad, AIR 7 holder in the engineering entrance exam.

Sushant is an Avid reader and if you are his fans more than just his acting then you know his love for books.
This space is dedicated to his love for books and his love for reading and reader.