Wings of Fire: Book Review


Wings of Fire: Book Review (Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam Autobiography)

Wings of Fire Book Review

Wings of Fire: Book Review – What do you do or feel when you set a goal, work hard to achieve it and even then the goal is not achieved? A normal soul would be shattered, bruised but would have given up, but Mr Kalam was not a common soul he was extraordinary, not that he was born with the knowledge but he learnt from what great people taught him and made a remarkable and inspiring life out of it.

Wings of Fire (Wings of Fire: Book Review) is the life story of The Dr APJ Abdul Kalam who from a not-so-well-off Indian Muslim family rose up to become the Missile Man and the President of India. The story sets off from his childhood, where he tells about his parents, his village and all the life-changing experiences. He tells us that how he suffered because of his family’s poor financial condition but despite of that his father continued to educate him and his own passion for science was something which kept him going despite all odds. The story of Mr. Kalam is deeply inspiring for all the young minds who aspire to be technologists and at the same time do good for their countrymen. He was an extremely spiritual, hardworking and passionate man.

Even after he was not able to become a fighter pilot which was his dream, he believed that it was not his destiny (as taught by Swami Sivananda to him) and continued to follow his passion and as rightly pointed out by his guru that his destiny was something else and something great, that is to change the face of Indian Defence, Space and Rocket Technology and inspiring millions of people not only in India but also around the world.

This book teaches us the importance of family and friends and also advices us to become a patriotic citizen of our country and always work toward its progress. Mr. Kalam tells us that how scientists are important figures to shape a country’s future. His mentor Vikram Sarabhai (the founder of ISRO) helped him in developing excellent managerial and team building and leadership skills which is evident from that he headed so many teams from ISRO to DRDO to becoming the president of India.

Wings of Fire is a source of inspiration for many young minds who dream to change their country and world. This is a book which teaches you to not to give up despite all the challenges and always keep spirituality at your side which will definitely help you in your life. Mr. Kalam’s life is an epitome of positive thinking and is something that everyone should definitely read.

Wings of Fire: Book Review